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‘Hava Aney Dey’ screening on 30th June 2010 in Berlin

Moving Politics – Cinemas from India
An event in cooperation with the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin.

On the occasion of the exhibition, “Being Singular Plural: Moving Images from India” at the Deutsche Guggenheim, the the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin will present the film and discussion series, “Moving Politics – Cinemas from India”, curated by Dorothee Wenner and Nicole Wolf. Three program blocks with a selection of recent feature and documentary films as well as several classics of Indian film history will give an impression of the diversity with which (film) policies are made in India. At issue are the visual vocabularies of power, the subtle forms with which traditional conditions are on the one hand reinforced and on the other called in question in cinema. Not only ostensibly political films unfold a large scope in this respect. At least from a Western point of view, politics in Indian mainstream cinema at times appears in a quite exotic guise. Independent feature film and documentaries also reflect their time of origin, the production conditions and habits of reception, and come up with peculiar forms of politics and cinematography.

The first program block (June 27 to 30)Action/Bewegungen —questions how a sense of belonging is negotiated. How do political collectives become established beyond the state and political parties? Are they a response to draconic interventions into civil rights or a part of them? The state of emergency under Indira Gandhi not only contributed to the urgency of the emerging student and workers movements, and a bit later a varied women’s liberation movement, it also counted as the dawn of independent political documentary film. At the same time, the capability of filmic-political constellations was continuously revised, newly conceived and translated into the most diverse genres and narrative modes.

At the opening of “Being Singular Plural: Moving Images from India” and in the presence of the artists of the exhibition at the Deutsche GuggenheimDesire Machine Collective, Shumona Goel, Amar Kanwar, and Kabir Mohanty—we will take up the question posed by Jean Luc Nancy as to “being-in-a-community.” Also present are the filmmakers Paromita Vohra and Partho Sen Gupta, as well as the curator Kaushik Bhaumik.

(Faiza Khan, India 2008, June 27)

KYA HUA IS SHAHAR KO? (Deepa Dhanraj, India 1986, June 27)

UNLIMITED GIRLS (Paromita Vohra, India 2002, June 28)
(Paromita Vohra in a con-versation with Nicole Wolf)

HAZAAROON KHWAISHEIN AISI (Sudhir Mishra, India 2003, June 28)

AJANTRIK (Ritwik Ghatak, India 1958, June 29)
(Kabir Mohanty in a conversation with Dorothee Wenner)

HAVA ANEY DEY( Partho Sen Gupta, India 2003, June 30)
Partho Sen Gupta in a conversation with Dorothee Wenner.

source: Arsenal Kino-Berlin

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