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Sunrise – Crowdfunding my new film project

Let me introduce you to my new feature film project, Arunoday (Sunrise).

Sunrise, to be shot in Mumbai, stars Adil Hussain (Life of Pi) and Tannishtha Chatterjee (Brick Lane, Hava Aney Dey). It tells the story of Joshi, an embittered Mumbai cop who has been searching for his missing daughter for ten years since she disappeared one day after school. Joshi’s quest is used to reveal the horror of child trafficking and exploitation in India, a taboo subject which nonetheless affects a huge number of the children in the world’s most populous democracy, a country where lives are often cheap.

Sunrise is to be shot using the new revolutionary technology that is taking the independent movie industry by storm. We will be using HDSLRs like the LUMIX GH1 (Tester 13) & the Nikon D7000. Using these small cameras, we will be able to shoot guerrilla style. Cinematographer, Jean-Marc Ferriere has extensive experience of working under difficult circumstances during my first film that was also shot in Mumbai.

Most exciting of all, Sunrise is going to be funded in a completely new way, and here is where you fit in. I am crowd funding the film on the crowd funding website

Indiegogo provides a platform for individual artists to raise money by tapping into a network of supporters and beyond. Since its inception it has helped to raise millions of dollars for over 15,000 campaigns, across 159 countries.

You can play a part in making this film, every step of the way from pre-production to the big screen, by contributing as little as $10. Every contribution receives a perk, with top funders becoming executive producers of the film, seeing their name in the film’s opening credits and accompanying me to international festivals such as Cannes, Berlin or Venice.

I have 120 days to raise the money to shoot the film. Every bit of help counts. If you are as passionate about independent cinema as I know you are, please fund me and spread the word to your friends and contacts.

Visit the page now by clicking on the widget above, watch the teaser for the film and contribute what you can.

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